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How long does it take to order in Bridesmaid gowns?

Our bridesmaids range from Tania Olsen takes anywhere from 14-16 weeks to order into the store, Our designer does however carry some stock on hand as well that we can get straight away in a limited colour and size range. Some designers do carry stock, so sometimes (not often) the re-orders can be here a lot more quickly.

What size range do your bridesmaid gowns go up to?

Our bridesmaid gowns are orderable from a size 6 - 30 (sometimes can go gown to a 4) Tania Olsen do now go up to a size 40.

What colours are your bridesmaid range available?

Our bridesmaids range is orderable in a large colour range please see in-store for details. Every designer range offers different colours and quantity of colours. In some cases we can offer almost 20 colours for one style.

Do I need to make an appointment to look at bridesmaid gowns?

If you are just wanting to come in to browze at our range then no appointment is needed, However if you are wanting to try Bridesmaids gowns on then we do suggest to make an appointment so we have a change room available and suitable staff to help you.

What price range are your bridesmaids gowns?

Our bridesmaids range starts off at $299 up to $450 depending on your style. In some cases size surcharges for sizes above size 20 may be required. In all cases size sucharges will apply for gowns over a size 30

Are your formal gowns re-orderable?

We have a selection of Formal gowns that are re-roderable and some that are only available in the sizes and colours in-store.

How long do your formal gowns take to order in?

Our formal wear re-ordering times vary depending on designer. Some designers can take up to 12 - 16 weeks to re-order however some designers will carry stock on hand which will be available straight away.

what size range does your formal wear range from?

Our formal wear varys in size range from our designers. Some designers are only available is size 6 - 18 and others are available in sizes 4 - 30.

What sort of Colour range does your formal wear come in?

Each gown will only come in a select few colours for our formal wear range. See in-store to find out what colours your favourite gown comes in.

What price range are your formal wear?

Our formal gowns start at $299 and can go up to about $595. We also have sale gowns available in-store which start at $100.

Do I need to make an appointment to come and try on Formal gowns?

If you are wanting to come in on a Saturday then yes appointments are essential. During the week appointments arent nessissary but we would still reccomend making one so we can make sure we have the change room and a staff member available to help you.

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